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About us

BASThe Bekus Art Style Tattoo Studio has been established back in 1997 in a music bar Jam in Otická street in Opava. The studio moved to 18 Nákladní street after 3 years which enabled us to broaden the offer of our services. The studio has moved again in 2008 just 3 metres further because of the clothing shop we planned to open. Finally, we have built a two-storeyed studio with the assistance of our close friends and family relatives. There is a shop with trendy clothing on the ground floor and the tattoo studio on the first floor. You can have a look at the interior and exterior of the studio in the gallery section.

The Bekus Art Style Tattoo Studio is one of the best equipped tattoo studios in the Czech republic. The quality of our studio is guaranteed by fully-fledged comfortable services, nice environment and friendly approach. It is necessary to mention that we provide the services under the auspices of the Urban Public Health Authority in Opava and we exclusively use sterile material. The colours we use are fully attested, the same like piercings Wildcat made of titanium.

While dealing with tattoos we prefer the individual approach towards our customers and we create exclusively original motives for all our clients. In case that clients are not sure it is possible to have a look at our catalogue with various themes and inspire themselves. The only condition is to strictly keep the rule of the originality of every tattoo we make

There are several people working in our tattoo studio nowadays such as Bekus, David, Maty, Peťa, Lukáš, Hanzi, Alishi, Bart a Martina. Sometimes, there are some other experienced tattooers from another towns, or another country hosting in the studio as well. Our tattooers have been awarded by several prestigious awards from various international tattoo conventions from all over the Europe.

bekus team studio

The studio also organizes the Tattoo Session Silesia since 2005 which is always visited by various tattoo studios not only from the Czech republic, but from the other countries as well.